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L’Apis Excerpt n. 1/2015
      L'Apis Excerpt N 1 2015 cop
The monthly beekeeping magazine L’Apis has been published in Italy for more than 20 years.
It is a magazine written by bee specialists and beekeepers with important contributions from researchers active in the field.
It is a magazine conceptualized as a instrument of concrete information for beekeepers, who can find articles addressing:

• the most up-to-date techniques for combatting the Varroa destructor;

bee pathologies, with particular attention paid to nosema and european epidemics;
the impact of neonicotinoids on bees and beekeeping;
beekeeping techniques;
the quality of honey;
innovations in beekeeping;
the new bee products propolis, pollen, and royal jelly.
Aspromiele would like to reach beyond the Italian market and present L’Apis in an english version, available exclusively online,
to make it usable for beekeepers around the world.  
The english version is composed of a selection of the articles considered most significant and/or with international appeal.
Upon completion of the simple registration process,
anyone can view L’Apis Excerpt.





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